Denver Taco Festival 2015

Denver’s second annual “Denver Taco Festival” 


Hello to all you fellow taco lovers of the world. I’m Heath. This past weekend I visited the Denver Taco Festival. And I have got to say, it was a great time. We are very thankful to Sweet Leaf Marijuana Centers for upgrading our tickets to VIP. Woot Woot!image

So, its obvious that we like tacos. And we thought that this event would be perfect for any taco lover. And we were correct.

DAY 1:

As I worked my way through ” taco traffic” I parked my car 5 blocks away due to tons of people already there. This was a good sign that it was going to be a great festival.  As I am walking to the festival, I also see a moderate amount of people coming from all directions into a line. The line was about 100’+ , moving at a good pace.  All around me I hear different people talking about all sorts of stuff. Like if   Tony Guacamole Was going to be there ( he wasn’t). As well as conversations about who is going to eat the most tacos. Couldn’t ask for a better atmosphere.  As we arrived at the ticket counter I was greeted with a big smile and a super happy group of people. We picked up our tickets waiting for us, with ease, and walked into the festival.   As we entered there was a stage to our left with Live music already playing . As the day went on they played different types of music, with multiple bands.

So first thing was first for us.  We headed to Sweet leaf’s booth to thank them for the tickets and talk about tacos. When we arrived, I met  Matt. Very down to earth guy.  But more on him later.  As I was looking around we got a chance to take our picture with some props. (Me in pic below) In doing so they gave us a free tee shirt ,lighter,and shot glass!   What an awesome way to start the festival.  Free stuff!!!!

Heath “Taco Man” McDowell

 After I left the booth we roamed around to check out all the Food trucks that were there.  It had only been about an hour into the festival, and already lines backed up at every “taco” vendor there. I would say roughly 15 to 20 places to get some tacos.

The best thing About VIP was the free “Taco Tickets” and of course the drink tickets as well.  The first stop was Rocko’s Cantina, where I indulged in some Carnitas (pictured below ). Price was $2 a taco.  Taco ticket #1 gone. Was a Good Taco.  Green sauce was delicious .

IMG_3566 IMG_3565

On to the next taco truck that caught my eye. Trochy’s Tacos… I’ve been following this company on Facebook and Twitter account.  These guys push out some  good looking tacos. So I was pretty stoked to try some of them. As I gave  #2 & #3 taco ticket for some Green Chile Pork Tacos.  I was not let down. For $2 ,these tacos really hit the spot.  The tomatillio sauce was great. Pork was marinated well, very juicy and tender.

IMG_3570 IMG_3569

As time went by I wondered around and let the tacos settled before I went back for more.  While walking I came across our “VIP” section.  Inside there is about 8 tables (surrounded by chairs) and most importantly SHADE!!!!!!! What a relief, it was really hot during this event and didn’t cool down until about 5:30. Throughout the day VIP pass holders got to see cooking demo’s and play games in this area. They also was serving beer in there with lines that were way,way, shorter than the others.  SASO Pepper Co is one of the major sponsors of the Festival. We got to watch a demo from them later that day  . In the pictures below it shows how they made their Guacamole, as well as tomato salsa. The tacos turned out good (and was free because of the VIP pass). Unfortunately I was busy eating them instead of taking a picture. So no pic of the finished product.  Just use you imagination. 🙂  I left buying the Red Pepper Chipotle, and the Roasted Hatch Verde.IMG_3592 IMG_3584 IMG_3578 IMG_3586

As the day came to an end we headed towards to gate. Suddenly we were drawn in by the music playing. As we listened the song came to an end.  The announcer stepped up and asked if anyone knew where the word “taco” came from.  And that’s when I went on stage and explained  it. The sense development from “plug ” or “taco” may have taken place among Mexican silver miners, who used explosive charges in plug form consisting of a paper wrapper and gunpowder filling.


Day two: to be continued

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