Roasted Corn And Cauliflower Tacos. (Vegan tacos)

“Vegan Tacos”


Hello to all you taco lovers out there.  Today we have a family submitted recipe. Roasted corn and cauliflower tacos, Submitted by my brother Benjamin.

So here’s the Fixins

1. (1/4) Crown of Cauliflower

2. (2) ears of Yellow Corn.

3. (1 1/2 ) cups Romaine Lettuce

4. (2) Roma Tomato’s

5.  (1/4) cup of Cilantro

6. (1/4) clove of garlic

7. few dashes of virgin olive oil

8. 5-6 corn tortillas

9. can of bushs Pinto beans

salt, pepper, shallots, butter, and lime to taste

Cooking.– Cook the cauliflower chopped with salt, shallot’s, garlic and a few dashes of oil in foil wrapped. In separate foils cook ears of corn with butter. Place a good section of foil on grill for tortillas and grill until slightly brown on both sides. Place can of pinto beans on grill to warm up.


After 20 minutes or so finish corn on grill without foil. After the Corn has charred cut off the ear(of corn) and add to the Cauliflower mixture.


After all grilled and ready, place cauliflower mix on tortilla first. Then dress with Cilantro, Romaine lettuce, Tomatoes, Pinto beans, and Lime.  Can also be served with chips and salsa on the side, Which we recommend.


Enjoy, and remember everyday is a good day for a taco.


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