Tilapia Tacos


These are a twist on my brothers fish taco recipe. I found out about these tacos when I went to Denver on my Honeymoon. I am glad he made them, because its one of my favorite now. These tacos are easy to make. I will be making enough for about 9-10 tacos.

 List of taco needs!


To make this awesome tasting taco.  You will need the following ingredient’s.

12 ounces of Tilapia. (cooks to be 2 cups)

1.75 cups of coleslaw. (or to taste)

1 package(10 oz) of Queso Fresco Cheese.

20 White Corn tortillas

2 tbsp., divided into 2 parts, of Chipolte infused olive oil (or regular if desired)

1.5 tbsp. of Amberger Jalapeño rub

Key Lime Pear Hot Sauce to taste


Ok so now that we have the list out of the way. Lets get cooking! First thing you need to do is find a pan large enough to cook all of the fish.  Place 1 tbsp. of Chipolte olive oil in pan and let get warm. This is important because these can get soggy,  if prepared in sections.  Take fillets and season with Amberger Jalapeño rub. Place in pan and fry until slightly golden. 15-20 minutes.

fish taco5

When you get to about 14-18 minutes get a separate pan and heat up tacos with 1 tbsp. of olive oil. I like to put them on there until slightly brown. Fish has a tendency to make tortillas soggy. So for me this helps.

After both are finished place 3 tortillas (2 per taco) on a plate. Three tacos will use about 1/2 cup of tilapia. after you have placed fish on tortilla, get queso fresco (mozzarella is a good substitute) and sprinkle on top to taste. after you have dressed taco with cheese place coleslaw next. It took a big pinch for each taco.

Top the taco with a little Key Lime Pear hot sauce for a finishing touch and your good to go. These are my go to tacos for a quick and easy meal for 2. Enjoy, and as always.

“Everyday is a good day for a taco.”


Have a great taco recipe? let us know and we will be happy to add it to our recipe page!