Chip Hearn From Our May Sponsor


We sat down and asked Peppers a few questions about why they are passionate about what they do, As well as Some background.

Luther Hearn Sr. & his brother Stanley began the family business in Wilmington, Delaware in 1919 and Chip and his father Luther remain in the food-service industry to this day! Chip opened his first restaurant in Rehoboth Beach while still a college student and soon was operating six fast food franchises. Chip was named Tastee-Freez franchisee of the year and earned numerous silver & gold cone awards from Dairy Queen. “The Ice Cream Store” in Rehoboth Beach has been in operation continuously now for over 40 years and is still packing in the crowds in the “Nation’s Summer Capital”. Chip purchased his first full-service restaurant, the legendary “Country Squire” of Rehoboth Beach in 1979 and continued to make headlines at the world-famous “Starboard Restaurant” in renowned Dewey Beach.


Chip Hearn ( Allen Fry (

Photo Courtesy of Twofry’


Peppers actually began in 1980 at the Country Squire Restaurant, with the invention of the now world famous “Bloody Mary Smorgasbord” and the subsequent selling of the sauces that were on display. Peppers first hot sauce, “Dewey Beach Fire” came out in the early 80’s and has now been joined by over 200 other sauces & rubs under five different brand names. Peppers has since accumulated over 200 national and international sauce awards and championships. Peppers cooking team members have also won the Delaware State Championships of wings, salsa, ribs, chili, and bloody marys, as well as the American Royal Pulled Pork World Championship. “The Ice Cream Store” has also won the NICRA worlds best new ice cream championship.

Chip has been featured on the TV Food Network, the Cooking Channel, Good Morning America, and numerous other national and regional TV shows! He was recently inducted into the first class of the Hot Sauce Hall of Fame. He was honored by the nomination, and accepted the award at the 3rd annual NYC Hot Sauce Expo by saying, “Who could have imagined, way back in 1980, that the spicy foods industry would have evolved into the giant that is has become today! And, because of the great friendships made and the foods tasted, how much fun it would be. I am very proud to have been a long-term part of this great foodservice movement and I am awed that my peers have seen fit to vote me into this first class of the prestigious Hot Sauce Hall of Fame. Thank you!”
hall of fame
Left to Right—- John Hard (Cajohns) Chip Hearn (Peppers) Dave DeWitt (
photo credit  NYC Hot Sauce Expo
As for his favorite way to prepare a taco, he says “THE WILDER, THE BETTER! Anything can be a taco, it’s all about breaking boundaries and having tons of fun. I love the possibilities when you’re not thinking conventionally.”
Thanks for Sponsoring May’s Taco contest Peppers. We look forward to Working with you again!!

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