January Sponsor

For our January sponsor we talk with Timothy Bader of  Volcanic Peppers


 Why are you passionate about sauce?

Since I was a teenager I have looked for spicy foods and had a hard time in the Midwest finding anything truly spicy. Once I discovered habanero and hotter I have become passionate about making flavorful products that also provided some kick.

What got you into this industry.

I have gardened for a long time so that I could make spicy salsa, spaghetti sauce, etc. My daughter asked if we could sell some of our extra produce at the farmers market so we did. I began smoking the leftover peppers and my customers loved them and that was the beginning of Volcano Dust which led to LAVA sauces and other products.
 Is there is any company’s/people  that you admire and seen as a mentor?

  John Hard of Cajohns, he really took me under his wing and shared his expertise with me. I would say I would be nowhere close to where I am without his mentor-ship.

Where did you come from?

I am born and raised in Omaha, NE

What led to the creation of your taco sauce?


Last year I put my focus on creating some milder products to broaden our reach. I thought a good taco sauce would be a great addition. This sauce stands out amongst taco sauces, I believe, because of the spices and  fresh ingredients we use, garlic, tomato’s and onion.

And of course your  favorite way to prepare a taco (and recipe).

I love all kinds of tacos but I would have to say the standard “puffy” taco is still my favorite. Hamburger browned, drained and our Taco Sauce added and then simmered. Fried tortillas, lettuce, cheese, tomato, onion and sour cream and then extra Taco Sauce applied directly to the taco



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