January sponsor “The Taco Cleanse”

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“The Tortilla-Based Diet Proven to Change Your Life”

Happy New Year to everyone out there. We would like to thank The Experiment for donating the “The Taco Cleanse”  for our first contest of 2016!  We got in contact with the Taco Scientists and asked them a few questions. here is what they had to say

Why are you passionate about tacos?

Living in Austin, tacos are a way of life. And life is just better with a taco in the hand and another waiting on your plate.

What got you into this industry?

We first Taco Cleansed as our contribution to Vegan MoFo, a monthlong vegan blogging event. And we just couldn’t stop eating tacos when the month was over. Our lives were just so much better on a taco-strong diet. We knew we had to share the Taco Cleanse with the world.

  Are there is any companies/people that you admire and see as mentors?

We’re all big fans of the cookbooks of Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero. In a way, they taught us all how to cook. 

 Where did you come from?

We’re from all over Texas, mostly. Molly and Jessica grew up in Dallas-Fort Worth, Wes is from Texas. Stephanie is from Illinois, but we don’t hold that against her. She moved to Austin as soon as possible.

Taco Scientists

And of course your  favorite way to prepare a taco (and recipe).

We love this migas recipe. There’s nothing better than a corn tortilla filling folded into a flour tortilla.

Thanks again to the Taco Scientists for their take on Tacos. Looking forward to the book I purchased getting here. So I can expand my taco knowledge.