Milwaukee Taco Fest 2018 Interview with founder Micheal Sampson.

Welcome to Taco Everyday’s Interview with founder and owner of Swarmm Events, Michael Sampson.

I’ve been watching the event unfold on Facebook for a couple of years. We are super excited to be able to find out more about the festival and let the world know. I’ve attended festivals like this and love them,(of course, who doesn’t). The festival looks amazing, with plenty to keep you busy as well. From Lucha Libre Wrestling, to chihuahua beauty pageants . This event looks like one I’d have an amazing time at.
Plus you get taco tickets with your qualifying ticket purchase? That means free tacos!!!!! Ahh yeaaa.

After the interview there will be some more details about the festival and links to check it out.

Without further adieu


Why did you choose to have a Taco Festival?

Michael Sampson: My sister lives in Phoenix and attended down there and she called me immediately afterwards saying how fun the event was and that I should do one in Milwaukee.


Whats your biggest takeaway for previous years festivals? And how will this year top the rest?

Michael Sampson: The biggest thing is to make sure people are comfortable and lines do not get too long.  We try to slowly increase the attendance every year and focus on sell outs instead of packing people in like sardines.


Where is the best place to eat some tacos in Milwaukee ? 

Michael Sampson: There are so many great taco places to choose from.  Guanajuatos in Bayview, Vagabond downtown and Buenavista are some of my favorites as they all have different styles.


How involved are you guys in the community?  

Michael Sampson: We try to give back to every event that we do.  We are hoping to give back $2,500 to a nonprofit from Taco Fest this year.


What are some things you do to give back ?  

Michael Sampson: All of our charity items are listed online at


What is the main thing you see as making a taco a taco?  

Michael Sampson: Love

If you can describe the ultimate taco in 1 word what would it be?  

Michael Sampson: Meaty


Who or what is you inspiration to create the festival?  Michael Sampson: Creating a great social event that combines music, food, beverages and of course wrestling.  People need to escape at events and we hope to provide that.


Is there Fun for the whole family?  

Michael Sampson: Yes of course!  Kids love the wrestling and our chihuahua beauty pageant.


Is there any contests going on right now to win tickets?  

Michael Sampson: No but we will have one on Facebook soon



Thanks Micheal for giving us the DL on this amazing event. We hope to see more amazing things come out of the festival and tip our hats to you. What an idea for a festival.
Keep it up!!

P.S. Tacos Everyday Facebook will have a giveaway soon as well! 

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Wisconsin State Fair Park



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