Rudy Reviews “Lucky Dog Pink Label” on Tacos Carnita


Rudy Reviews is back and today He’ll be taking a look at a sauce created by Scott Zalkind of Lucky Dog Hot Sauce, on some Tacos Carnita.

Lucky Dog Pink Label is a lightly smoked hot sauce with sweet notes that are provided by pears, dates.  Scott achieved the smokey quality of this sauce by adding salt that has been smoked using Apple-wood.  Smelling the sauce, I’m greeted with a delightfully fruity aroma that is backed by a strong pepper smell.  Habanero and Serrano are used to create this sauce with the addition of ghost pepper sea salt.  The sweet and pepper smell is supported by a light smokey addition.  This sauce isn’t rich and robust like a chipotle sauce would be but the smoke note is there to say hello.  Tasting this sauce straight up, I’m getting a lot of that sweetness that was so pronounced in the aroma.  I detect onions, garlic and a little carrot.  The peppers provide not only an additional taste profile but also a pleasant burn.  This isn’t a ultra hot pepper sauce for me but it does let you know where you’re at. The vinegar isn’t heavy in this one at all and I’m also catching a nice and bright lime note. I’ll provide a list of the ingredients below.

Distilled white vinegar, onions, pears, habanero peppers, garlic, carrot juice, serrano chili peppers, dates, carrots, water, ghost pepper infused sea salt, apple-wood smoked sea salt, lime juice concentrate


This sauce is extremely thick and chunky with plenty of matter floating around which adheres to food nicely. I doused my tacos carnita  with the sauce and took a bite.  The smoke flavor came through more when I paired it with food than when I tried it alone.  The fruity sweetness added a nice contrast to the salt content in the pork and the smokey addition added a lovely helping hand to the cilantro lime rice. The thing that I like about this sauce is the heat level.  Yes it’s hot but it has been crafted to be a sauce that focuses more on the flavor rather than straight up heat.  I like things extremely spicy but a sauce doesn’t always have to blow you out of the water to be a true delight.  Scott did a very good job in finding that magical point in the heat department and focused more on the flavor and it really shows with this sauce. This fruit sauce is good on pretty much anything. I’ve had this on fish tacos, steak tacos and a meat that is mostly found where I live called Cudighi which all were extremely toothsome.  Thank you for reading my report and I hope you have a beautiful day.

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