Rock-A-Belly “Rock-O” Tacos 

Rock-A-Belly “Rock-O” Tacos Written and Submitted by “The Food Truck Junkie” Nick Helm

Since 2012, I have been putting in miles on the road in search of awesome street food around Phoenix, even travelling out of state to Las Vegas and Orange County. I’ve attended numerous lunch/dinner spots and food truck events and have eaten my weight in state. The one thing I truly admire about the food truck community is how chefs are able to take the simplistic and make it fantastic.
Cue the taco. Marinated meat or seafood, fresh garnishes and toppings while all folded in a crispy corn shell or soft flour tortilla for mobile consumption and instant gratification. By that definition alone makes it the most simple form and foundation of street food, even having it’s own hash trend 0every Tuesday of the year (#TacoTuesday)!
So, what can make the taco even better, you ask?

Introducing Rock-A-Belly, a gourmet food truck based here in Phoenix. Layered on top of flour flatbread, their “Rock-O” tacos can come custom built or you can try one of their signature tacos, which have some iconic inspiration. Fronted by Executive Chef and Owner Jordan Murray, a former stand-up bass player for a rock-a-billy band (“Stitch Hopeless and the Sea Legs“), his rockstar and outgoing personality draws a crowd, like a major headling band to a sold out venue, and has die-hard fans coming back for more.

Executive Chef and Owner Jordan Murray

“The Setzer” is a custom “Rock-O” and a Food Truck Junkie limited engagement I rarely do. Only because the last time I did, it caused the kitchen to come to a screeching halt. Poached Chicken, Shredded Cheese Blend and Cabbage then, pile on top, an order of “Mosh Pit” Fries. It was like a stray cat collecting dinner on a trash can lid and, to me, it was well worth it, even for $10+. So, if you decide to try my creation, you better fast or have a big appetite like I do! Portions are good enough to share or to enjoy by yourself

Keep Calm and Truck On!

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