The 3rd Annual “Denver Taco Festival” June 25-26, 2016


Welcome back to Tacos Everyday!

We’ll be traveling to Denver, Colorado at the end of June, again….  We absolutely loved it last year. And we are super excited to be able to go again! From the wrestling and Chihuahua races to the amazing food and awesome vendors, we anticipate this year to be an even better event!!!!

Did you know that this is a fund raising event? That’s right the event will be benefiting local non-profit organizations in Denver and the surrounding areas.  This is the third year its been going on.  We had the privilege to attend the 2nd annual festival thanks to Sweet leaf Marijuana center. We won a taco picture contest on the Instagram. Here is last years Blog post 2015 Denver Taco Fest

This year they will be focusing on Denvers unique collection of Taco Masters throughout the city. Every way to prepair a taco will be represented by tons of taco professionals. Restaruants, taco truck, taco cart vendor, yep they will be there. with the tickets starting at $5-$10 ($12 on day of the event) it becomes a affordable event for the whole family.  Wanna be a VIP? They have that too…

Events inculed Lucha Libre wrestling. The High Speed Dare Devil Chiuahua racing championship , and The Great Colorado Tequila and Agave Expo. You have plenty of things to see and enjoy. Live games show?  Yup they got it. Contests? Yup they got it. and not to mention live music and National recognized bands that will play all of your favorite metal classics in Traditional mariachi style. Don’t miss it.


• High Speed Dare Devil Chihuahua Racing ChampionshipTM!

• Live Lucha Libre Wrestling with professional comedians doing play by play commentary

• Live game show “hot pepper eating trivia challenge.” If you give a wrong answer you must eat an increasingly spicy hot pepper to stay alive! Several other surprise game shows starring YOU!

• Live music all day from many local bands. Several from the winners list of Westword’s “Best of Denver”.

• The Great Colorado Tequila & Agave ExpoTM and tasting. Sample over 40 types of Tequila and meet the brand reps. Learn about manufacturing and exotic ingredients in an exclusive shaded area.

• Local artists from many different disciplines will contribute installations throughout the event from custom photo booths to original art and sculpture.

• Live cooking demos from master chefs throughout the day.


So When & where is this event you ask?

All ages are welcome to attenend Feauting a separate 21+ fenced off area. Event is from 12:00pm-9:00pm june 25th and 12:00pm-6:00pm June 26th

Tickets can be found >>>>Here<<<

At The Glitter Dome Click >>>>Here<<<<< for directions

And there will be a Pre- party event as well check it out here>>>

Official announcements will be posted on their website ( and their

Facebook page ( and Twitter account: (https://



Event guide can be found here:

Click to access home.pdf

Ticket Tiers:

$5 – Pre sale

$10 – June 14

$12 – Day of the event


$20 – Tequila and Agave Expo (Included with VIP)

$60 – VIP

 An additional $20 ticket is required to enter the Tequila and Agave expo. This includes 5 shots of your choice and access to the exclusive shaded area. Discount tickets will be available by signing up for the mailing list on the website. VIP will be available which includes a pass to the Great Colorado Tequila and Agave ExpoTM the day of the event, express entry, private bathrooms as well as a premium location and amenities!!

For Immediate Release | Timothy Arguello 720-443-2763

Supporting Businesses for the Denver Taco Festival

Molly’s Spirits, Cuidado Tequila, Adelitas Cocina Y Cantina, Denver Film Society, Pepsi, Punching Mule Vodka, Mile High Spirits, Dish Network, Direct TV, Westword, Yelp, Good Food Denver, Culturepod Hypermedia, The Rooster, Benefitting Archetypos/Connected Soul

Nonprofit organizations include Chihuahua & Small Dog Rescue INC.

 Also Connected

Soul/Archetypos an organization that creates events and programs to bring people together for community outreach programs such as neighborhood gardens and life skills education. The organization is working to provide a resource for people to share their experience and skills with other adults as well as low income, foster and homeless kids. Last years event funded a 19,000 sq/ft. resource center that has housed many programs that will benefit local non/for profit companies, Denver youth and adult life long learners. Want to learn to host a fundraiser, program an Arduino or crochet a sweater? You will find it all here. Denver Taco Festival has also financed a community garden space located on 38th and Sheridan with plans to expand to several other plots throughout the city. Utilizing these resources the Denver Taco Festival and it’s associated partners have been able to produce and hostAmazing discounted fund raisers for  such organizations as The Denver Film Society, The Morgan  Adams Foundation and The Five Points Rotary Club among many others.


Press Contact:Timothy Arguello – 720-443-2763